Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Wordless Wednesday? More like Word Filled Wednesday...

Monday was my first crossfit class. 

My workout looked like this:

500m row (on rowing machine-duh!)
40 squats (all the way down past parallel)
30 butterfly situps (feet together, legs spread like butterfly/frog, all the way back w/ hands over head touching floor, all the way up touching feet)
20 pushups (chest to floor, hand release)
10 pull ups (up: chin past bar, down: arms fully extended.  I needed a band for assistance as most women do)

Total time: 8:59 (The goal is to repeat this beginning workout every 4-6 weeks and improve your time with each try.) 

I was a little dizzy off the rowing machine headed into squats, and my arms felt like jello after 20 pushups and 10 pullups; but, I didn’t die and I felt great the next day--not sore at all! So there’s that.

I really enjoyed how quickly I was fatigued and how hard I worked in such a short period of time.  I also love crossfitters' bodies, which means that I am absolutely diving head first into this crossfit trend (yes, I said trend and yes, I'm jumping on the band wagon!).  This means that my previously posted training schedule is going to change a bit.  I will still be doing my best to maintain my weekly runs (*I maintain the right to change my daily schedule as needed per life's interruptions); however, all of my strength training workouts that were designated to a NTC, Body Rock, or Women's Health routine will be replaced with crossfit.  I am still not sure about my cross train days, though.  I know that cross training is recommended for runners, but I just don't know if I can justify a second gym membership for two days of spin class per week.  And trust me, I do love me some spin class!  

I'm also hoping that big changes will come in the shape of my body, and my running speed.  Along with having the crossfit body that I love so much on others, my ultimate goal is to create a stronger core and stronger legs as a means to improve my speed for running my next half marathon (and all that follow). 

I shall keep you all posted...


  1. Nice write up, I'm so excited for you!

    But, what's up with your desire to 'cross-train'?
    CrossFit pretty much has that handled already.

    Seriously, just stick to CrossFit and your running and see where it takes you!


  2. Mateo, for distance runners it is recommended that we add in other forms or "distance" type cardio to maintain endurance without the grueling pounding of the pavement all the time. But let me tell you, now that I've finished my final foundations class, I know that all my schedule and body is going to allow is three days of running and four days of CrossFit. I'm already seeing changes. In just four classes I have biceps. No joke!