Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Matchstick Challenge: Week 3

Week 3 Challenge: Meal Makeover: 

"Basically, there are always little things we can do to make a meal healthier overall. A meal makeover is a couple of swaps that exchange unhealthy food for a healthier option. Some examples?

White Bread to Wheat Bread
Soda to Fruit Juice
Fried Chicken to Grilled Chicken
Whole Milk to Low-Fat Milk
Ranch Dressing to Vinaigrette
You can also up the nutritional value of your food by adding fruits or vegetables, like Erica did to her otherwise veggie-less and less-filling pasta. You could add some on the side, or as areplacement for something else (like strawberries instead of candy to top your ice cream).
You can get as into this as you want! You could try buying a meal ready-made from a restaurant and giving it a “Meal Makeover” yourself, or you could do it with something you already eat. I would love to see pictures of the before and after—that’s the most fun part! You could choose to include nutritional info before and after if you’d like.
I’m so excited to see what everyone posts! Be sure to link up with this week’s linky party as soon as you post yours as well [click here for last week’s], I’ll post the link on Wednesday to give people a chance to put up their makeovers."

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