Sunday, October 9, 2011

16 Week Training Schedule

In preparation for my next half marathon, I have created a 16 week training program to help get me in tip-top shape as a means to help me accomplish my PR goal of 2:15.  I am using the Runners World Smart Coach iPhone app for my run training and a combination of workouts from my personal trainer (some of which were "borrowed" from Zuzanna at and the Nike Training Club (NTC) app.

The next 16 weeks look a little something like this:

(Please forgive January in all its ghetto-ness.  I don't have a 2012 calendar yet.)

I hope that by having pre-scheduled my workouts, I will force myself to actually stick to my workouts and not skip days.


Pyramid (aka Hot Mess) -- This is my favorite workout!

"99"-- since I'm already running 16-20 miles during the week, I substitute the 11 minute run at the end for a set of 11's

"100"--again, since I'm already running, I substitute the 10 minute jog with a final set of 10's for each exercise

600 -- hard as hell, but slowly inching its way up to the faves list.  I'm only at 300 reps right now.

"3000"=  an abdominal workout from my personal trainer that involves 3 sets of 10 core moves w/ 25 reps each

"WH superset"= a total body toning workout involving a combination of two superset routines from Women's Health Magazine

"NTC"= selected workouts from the NTC app.  (st) denotes a strength training routine, while '15 min abs' denotes a 15 minute ab workout

Spin= a 45 minute cycling/spinning class at my local gym with my old college workout class instructor-- SO looking forward to this!

Yoga= self explanatory; but, I'll be trying out various yoga routines (i.e., Wii Fit, DVDs, Women's Health, Self Magazine, etc.) until I find some that work for me.

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