Saturday, August 13, 2011

Frustration Nation

This week has not been good for me. Don't get me wrong, my runs have been so good! Better than I imagined. I have switched up my scenery with a course that has some hills (nothing too major) and a great view. It looks a little something like this...

Beautiful, right?! Scenery... check. Running... check. Self esteem... cricket, cricket.

I'm eating right, working out 5 days a week and I feel like I've gained weight. Now, it wasn't my intention to lose weight. It was my intention to finish 13.1 miles on October 2nd. However, shouldn't I be losing something?! I've been eating less meat and trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies (and other proteins) into my diet and have been doing so for the last 2 weeks. However, like I said, it has not worked. If I don't see a change after week 3, I'm switching everything up.

In the book, Half Marathon Roadmap by No Meat Athlete, he explains how your training program is like a road map. If you get lost along your way, find a new route towards your goal. This is very helpful to me, a first timer in the running field. If something that I am doing isn't quite working for me I'm going to change it up until it does work for me. 

So, today, on my rest day, I decided that I was going to take it easy, but still get some physical activity in. I went to the local track. For the first mile I sprinted the straight-aways and walked the curves. Hello, quadriceps! Then, for the next mile I did a light jog with push-ups on each straight away and sit-ups on each curve, with some squats thrown in there as well. I could feel it working and it felt great! Each week, twice a week, I will incorporate this type of exercise into my running.

Plus, it didn't hurt that I had a stretching partner when I got home...

Here's to hoping something works!


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